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I really don't know if the is an ED or just depression. Thoughts??

I sleep a lot when I wake up, have coffee, drink some milk, take meds...
afterwards and do not feel hugrey or have desire to eat. I have to make myself remember I have food that needs to be eaten..."it's time for dinner! Time to EAT"
I do consume cookies, choclate bars, water and tea...but I have no
appetite. WHY not? I normally love food. Maybe I don't want to take
the effort to cook for one. I don't even consume toast or sandwiches.

I even feel stupid to ask such a question.
I would say depression. With an ED, you cant get yourself to eat easily. With depression, you just dont want to (even if it seems you just cant because you arent hungry). I hope you feel better, and its not a stupid question.
seems like depression to me. you like food, and you know the importance of food, but you are purposely neglecting to care for your body.

is your mind busy with concerns or problems?

force yourself to eat properly. when your body has its vitamins and healthy stuff to fuel it, it will affect your energy level and states of mind. the act of cooking a little proper sit down meal - even if it takes 25 minutes three times a day - also builds discipline, which in its tiny way helps to make your life more balanced.

now i'm hungry......
I just wanted to suggest that your lack of desire to eat may also be a side effect of 1 or more med(s) that you are on. Check with the Pharmacist to see if this might be true.
Also, consult your Physician and get help before the situation gets worse, or you end up very sick.
One more suggestion, coffee and chocolate are stimulants, and may be curbing your appetite. Water can also fill you up and make you feel full resulting in lack of appetite.
Peace, Love, and Prayers,
Hi, i also lost my appetite. Im going through alot now and lost a lot of weight for me . My normal weight is 47 and now its about 42. My height is 165 cm. I dont starve myself, just dont want to eat. I dont think its anorexia, but it started in august and hasnt stopped yet. But I drink beer and eat sometimes. And anorexics dont do that, right?
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