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I don't know

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Lovely. I'll start off. I'm a philosophy student in denial. I've always thought about ending it as it were, just because it is another adventure. Of course, I've tried it, but given up because I have reasons not to. the only reason I am here is because I keep thinking of ways to do myself in and I figure this probably isn't healthy. I don't know. I'm on anti depressants and anti anxiety drugs the whole whack.

Now I read these 'dont do it you have your whole life ahead of you' things but these just put me off because the idea of having to put up with people who dont understand me is just depressing. I find if I just finished it I'd be doing myself a favour.

I don't know. I just feel that I know enough and that is it , might aswell just take a <Edit Moderator Total Eclipse method>( or something like that, see I have a sense of humour lol )

I dont know what I am saying, oh well :/
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I dont know what I am saying, oh well :/

I think you just said it in this line noone noone knows what tomorrow will bring what the next day or the next will bring and no you do not know all there is so much more to learn to experiance and if you were to go you would not have done these things. I hope in time you will see more clearly with support here and from others hugs
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I have a hunch that tommorow will bring people telling me what I should know, what shit is going down in the world and that people are slowly killing themselves regardless.

Yes, a sunset can make me happy for 5 minutes, but what about the rest of the time when I feel nothing? I even wish I felt depressed because it would be better than feeling absolutely nothing! But I can't even have that and there is a lake 5 minutes walk away.. :/
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