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  1. chloe21

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    I dont think he did that Russell sleeping with leanne should get check again soon and for ads again because
    he was furlt with her and other people.Leanne said to me that she really like to sit on
    Russell lap and Russell was drinking again with out me now and said this he like leanne more
    then me and when i was in hospital those days and when i come out he didnt like that because
    he wanted to do that again without me around.
  2. Axiom

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    Sorry can't quite understand what you're trying to say. Does it have something to do with Russel liking leanne more than you :S What do you mean he wanted to do that again without you around? Do what again? Sleep or flirt with leanne?
    Soz.. is he causing you some form of distress? Or am i totally off the mark.

    :) Hope you're feeling ok
  3. chloe21

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    drinking without me around and he flirt behind my back because a friend ask me to ask leanne about it