I dont like sex

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  1. KirstyMissJimBob

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    i used to love it but now i hate it and want nothing to do with it.
    im not sure if its cos of my abortion 2 years ago or if its cos i cant have a guy friend without them wanting to talk about sex or get dirty with me.

    Its becoming a huge problem in my relationship the only time i like sex is when im drunk or on drugs and i dont want to take drugs or be drunk everytime i have sex to enjoy it. it hurts at the point when im about to orgasm. Iv talk to the doctor and im waiting for more scans, cos everytime i go fo an internal scan i get my period (stupid implant) :(

    I know that if this isnt sorted soon im gonna be single and jhave no where to live :(sorry for the long post, thsi is the first time iv talked to anyone about this apart from my bf or doc :sad:
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    seeing your doc about the pain when your about to orgasm is about as much as you can do, although maybe the thoughts about your abortion are playing on your mind and not allowing you to relax enough to enjoy sex?
    don't worry too much about losing your bf over this, there is more to life and a relationship than sex and your bf ( i hope ) knows this and puts more weight on his feelings for you than he does for sex.

    take care
  3. Oak

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    "Its becoming a huge problem in my relationship the only time i like sex is when im drunk or on drugs and i dont want to take drugs or be drunk everytime i have sex to enjoy it.

    it hurts at the point when im about to orgasm."

    For the first part reported, I see more of a psicologic block than a physical problem. You say to hurt when about to have orgasm but forgot to mention if you hurt even when drunk or on drug. In any case, I believe that you should discuss this issue with a therapist or councellor as it sounds more psychologic than physic.

    You also state to have an implant. My daugther in law has had problem with it and had to have it removed as she was having physical pain. it had moved and was hooked on the wall and was wripping her internal parts. You should ahve it checked by a gynecologist.

    Good luck hun
  4. KirstyMissJimBob

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    Reported? im sorry i didnt mean to offend but this issue is a reason my depression is at its worst but i guess i cant talk here without getting reported.
    Iv seen posts worse then this one on here. I guess ill just keep my problems to myself.

    sorry for offending

    mods can u please delete this thread
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    hun, granny didnt report you , it was her way of saying about the first part of your thread sounds phycological rather than physical.
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    sorry hun if you misunderstood my word 'reported' (taken from your post/as stated in your post) as Andy has tried to explain.

    Do not delete your post hun, and do not leave. You havent offended anyone dear.

    Sorry about the misunderstanding

    granny xx
  7. mixedemotions

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    Is it just sex it self you "hate" or is it the pain you are getting before orgasium. Because if this is so, there is many other ways you and your partner can get intimate.

    Sex is not the only way to enjoy your self in this way. I could suggest, touching and playing with each other, mayber with or without penitration.

    Have you tried to have tantric sex.. I have found that is can we very good if done correctly. there is many ways of doing this.

    If you need any advice, dont be scared to ask
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  8. mixedemotions

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  9. Dave_N

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    The thing I really like about tantric sex is that it combines sex with meditation and it places more emphasis on breathing/touching than actually having sex. I agree that you might like this better. You also might want to get the IUD removed too.
  10. KirstyMissJimBob

    KirstyMissJimBob Well-Known Member

    I try to do the touchy thing and it feels like my skin crawls. Its not my bf i love him to bits, but something has triggered it somewhere. Ill try the tantric sex an see what happens. Yeah it hurts at the point when im about to orgasm
  11. mixedemotions

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    It sounds as though, you may have some thing wrong internally. Have you been checked out by a doctor recently?
  12. KirstyMissJimBob

    KirstyMissJimBob Well-Known Member

    yeah she said there felt like there is a lump in my uterus im waiting on scans so they can see wat it is
  13. mixedemotions

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    Maybe once you get these scans back, you will begin to understand what is wrong. But remember sex isn't every thing. Some times all people need in a relationship is companionship. You can be close to some one without having to have sex.

    I do suggest you try the tantric sex. i have used it before my self, and it is a totally different experince. The orgasim is just as good, ( some times even better) it comes on slowly and can last a while. It may help with the pain.