I dont mutch like this feeling....

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The doctors put me on medication for depression that been identified as work related at long last but I have to admit I feel more tied then normal, I feel tied a lot of the time as I am on beta blockers, but there new tables have made me feel tied and a little odd.

On the up side my chee is back, I spent the afternoon kiking the crap out of the strong on quake 4 and done some software development for the first time in almost 4 months.

I guess this means I am feeling a little better, I am feeling a little happier today then I have done in a long time.
Hi there, it's great that you are starting to feel better! The tiredness is a common side effect and should wear off in a few short weeks, just hang in there and keep up the awesomness!
Got to admit to day felt a little better still having some funny reactions to the medication and coursing problems that my other medications supposed to stop. Feel sick and that at the moment.....
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