I don't really have a title, "love undying" or sumthing I guess ^^;

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    He is fairly very tired
    His thoughts go to a blackened sun.
    In his hand rests a gun.
    The barrel is smoking, no one is jokin.
    The time seemes to have stopped.
    This mood only topped by despair.
    Life never seemed that fair.
    He only wanted someone to care.
    Dear whom ever, remember me forever,
    I wish not to be forgotten.
    If time had been shorter.
    If a quarter had not felt like a year.
    Maybe, maybe he wouldn't been so scared.
    All lone, hidden behind a stone,
    in a world that's so cold.
    The darkness creeping towards him,
    His last mememory was that of her.
    It all seems a blur, so hazy.
    It was the lazy way out, and yet..
    It felt so hard..

    She is scarred for life.
    A wound so deep.
    She can't even begin to keep all the memories.
    They are just flowing out beneth her.
    The once glorious feeling of joy, utterly gone.
    She is so alone.
    She sits, beneth a tree, utterly free, dreaming.
    Dreaming of hope, that not all is lost,
    That she will see him again.
    In her dreams she sees his ghost, it seems so alone.

    Now she is gone.
    Someone else is left alone, her buried beeneth a stone.
    In his memory I lived, now I wish to be free.
    Take me beneeth to his realm, let me feel him again.
    In life untill death do us apart. In the dead forever.
    Now in darkness sits two lonely souls, not so alone,
    together forever, mind set on never leaving each other.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.