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i don't really know why i'm here

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hi everybody
i really don't know why i'm on here... this feels like my last port of call, i guess.
i have lost all of my friends, woman i love, no work, pressure, no money... you name it.
i am on lots of medication that just makes me feel i can't survive without it. i am sick and tired of all of this... i have a grand plan.
i am going to record a final album of music and leave once that is done.

i don't know what i'm looking for out of all of this, honestly. someone who is like minded to talk to... but i don't want the whole "don't do it" thing... just a friendly face i guess... i dunno...

i hope you're all well


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Sometimes we just need to be able to say our piece without being judged and to people who can understand. I hope you'll find some of it here at SF as well as some support to get through what seems to be a very difficult time. welcome at SF!


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I hear you about the meds.. I'm on 7 different ones..I ask myself if it's worth it or not..My friends here on the forum and others that I don't know have always stepped forward and talked me out of it..I'm sure when you make friends here you will start thinking differently..You can add me to that list if you want..Take Care!!
thanks guys... i appreciate there are people out there who know what i'm feeling etc.
i don't know what you'd call my music really... it's mostly written whilst strung out on drugs. shoegaze... rock... alternative... pop... psychedelic... i don't know...
i'll post a link up when i have mixed down the album so everyone can hear it... if they want.
Hi Sam! It's great to have another music-lover on board. And I can't wait to hear your album. I hope you can share it to us some time if you're done with it.

And if there's anything you want to talk about, you can always feel free to PM any one of us here.
you have, at least, given me some encouragement and inspiration to have finish this off... i will most definitely share it with you all
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