I dont see the point anymore at all

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I feel my life serves absolutely no purpose at all, and sure a few ppl will miss me if i commit the act but in the greater scheme of things i think they would be better of without me.

The whole world is fighting against me, in every conceivable way. i graduated grad school last year in january from a top notch university with good grades but ever since i have been stuggling to find a ny kind of employment. I have done a few internships so i got the relevant experience now but to no avail. I live in Sweden which has a booming economy atm.

My depression goes a lot deeper than that though, i lost my mom 2 years ago and have felt incrediblu lost eversince. I have a lot of responsibility in the sense that i provide a lot of emotional support for my yojunger brother and sister. I am afraid that if i commit the act he would take it very heavy and perhaps hurt himself. Which i feel would be a shame sine he has the preconditions to make it biug in this life.

I feel that my own situation cant light up and i feel there comes a point when it's time to give up. I believe that i should be given some credit as for taking tis step as i fill no function in life at all.

I moved in to an apartment last week just for the purpose of killing myself but its not going well att all, tried <edit moderator total eclipse method> as well as using an <edit moderator total eclipse method> None of them worked...... but i just want it all to end. NOW
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Hi hun i am so sorry for your loss of your mother I do think you need some grief councelling maybe for your siblings as well Have you talk to your doctor about your depression your thoughts. Medication can help you be less sad.
It takes time hun to get that job but you will First get yourself stable okay get help for you to heal hugs to you
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