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  1. Every year is worse than the last. This year has the potential to be a whole new kind of devastating if I'm alive to let it. The whole worlds turned on me and I don't blame them exactly. I hate myself, the world is in agreement, and everyone wins when I die. I have always has my stupid reasons to stay around, but I no longer find anything that interests me. There's no way I can better my situation. When I die the world becomes a better place instantly, there will be celebration.

    Normally I wouldn't write on one of these sites for fear of who might see it, but it is no longer of importance to me. Looking down the barrel here in my final months, it's soon to be irrelevant what the haters think or say.
  2. Everything good inside me is dead now. I've never been more certain about the fact that slitting both wrists is the only way I'll ever get any peace ever again. I've always held out hope that someday I'd get my hands on a gun and blow my brains out nice and absolute. I no longer find it necessary and have just gotta finish the things I need to and be done with this world. I can't believe the way my life turned out, it's almost comical to look back on all the ways I've destroyed any chance I've ever had at any remote happiness. I lost every single part of myself. No matter what I will always be defined by these past years. I've been watched by the world, made to be the fool. The only reason I'm even here anymore is to be humiliated. I hate the world and the world hates me just as much, it's too much to handle anymore. I've let things continue to spiral downward too rapidly for too long. I have to put an end to it, it's been a long time coming, long overdue, but I'm absolutely certain now the future holds nothing for me.
    Maybe I never had a chance from the start.
    Anyways the worlds heard it far too many times, it's time to shut my mouth and open my veins.
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    Time for you to reach out to you doctor to stop harming you and to start healing you ok No one wins when you die everyone loses hun get some help ok you deserve only compassion and care hugs
  4. I've been to the doctor. Every one tells me I'm fuckin crazy, but the doctor would rather see me dead too. I would never trust a doctor for a second anymore. Doctors are full of shit, so is everybody else. Anyone who says I should try anything than the knife to my wrist, either doesn't know me or is flat out fucking with me.
    There's no help for what I got. I got a world that's turned on me, that compiled evidence of what a piece of shit I am in every way. Anywhere I go anything I do, that's all I'll ever be. I could never escape myself.
    My life ended a long time ago, I just wasn't ready to leave yet, but I know when my times up and that time is now.
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