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I Dont think I could take the loneliness

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I am a senior at high school, about to graduate..at school i have several adquantainces, and im the funny guy and all, but i dont think they ever take me serioulsy..I recently started getting more involved and joined school sports, once again making more adquantainces for my funniness. But the thing is ive known most of the people at high school for years, since middle school, but never really socialized with them except for a couple, and only at school or when they invite my best friend to hang with them. And I know once school is over, I will lose contact with most of them, and i dont think I could take the loneliness..I think about it and Im filled with fear and sadness, i dont think my heart could take it and think about how my life will end then. I never got a girlfriend because i have a very heavy accent that adds to my funniness but makes it hard talking to girls seriously..and i have little chances of getting into college since im not a citizen or resident, so after school i most probably will go staright to work. I think about what will be of me by then...and liek i said fear and sadness overcome me, i think I will end up killing myself of loneliness...
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