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i don't think i'll ever have that kind of life

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after looking at some pictures of my friend's recent trip to hawaii and him visiting his friends there, i got extremely depressed.

this always happens whenever i see people my age (17) having fun with their friends or whatever. then i think of me just stuck in my house having limited friends that have their own plans and such.

i know i can do something about this by going out and just doing stuff but i dont really feel like it anymore. i mean i'd go out only for a certain reason such as getting something from the store or going to school, but not for anything else.

i just think that ill never have that kind of fun life just partying with other people because of my anti-social ways...:sad:


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I'm the same, actually since I've left school, I go out maybe once a week, twice at the most, but you can't give up now, your still young, do you have panic attacks around other people at all?
Yeah, I'm in actually a much similar situation like you. My friends also in hawaii, and I'm getting pretty much the same feelings. Though I do get to go out, I'm usually alone during that too. lol; I go out for drives and such.

But eh, I still try. (though it doesn't work that well! ) But lets keep trying! And one day we'll succeed :)

That's what I tell myself everytime I walk out of the house.


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trust me... you'll get your fair share of fun! and I know it must suck to be not that social, I'm the same way. get some fresh air, meet new people, just hang out places... wish you luck.
I used to be the same way. Now though, when I tell people I used to be introverted and anti-social, they don't believe me.

Shyness is a habit to be broken, not some condition you have to learn to live with. Go out, do what you want to do, and it'll soon feel completely natural for you.

Here's a couple tips that helped me out:

-make direct eye contact when you're talking to someone
-pay attention to your body language (don't slouch, keep your head up, etc.)
-speak slowly and enunciate your words
-smile more

Good luck, hope that helped.
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