I don't think I'm asexual, just anti-relationship?

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    I can't seem to bring myself to get into a relationship with anyone. The guy I love won't have anything to do with me because I want to wait to have sex, and he isn't happy about that. And I think that just made me realize how much I dread relationships in general. Everyone is just selfish and wants to control the person they're in a relationship with. Love isn't real. It's just an excuse to get the other person to do whatever you want them to do. I just don't even know why I'm writing this honestly????
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    If someone wants to control you, or doesn't respect you, they are not the one; and not worth to build a relationship with.

    Love is real, however. But it takes meeting the right person, a good person. One thing that helps is loving yourself enough to only let the right one into your life.

    Not allowing any relationship however is shutting off the chance of meeting that right person.

    I used to think like you... my abusive creep of an ex idiot seemed to seal that for good. But then I met my LDR boyfriend... I've never met a man so gentle and respectful! He refuses to make any choice for me, and always encourages me to live and grow.
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    Love is real and I'm sure you will find someone that fits you well one day.

    A lot of couples have little to no sex lives and are happy anyway. You just need to find the right person. There is a lot of good people and a lot who don't care much about sex.

    Good luck!
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    I don't know if love exists or not, but I hope it does. If anyone tries to control you, they are not good for you. Anyone who cares about you will accept you the way you are and not try to change you. Don't let anyone pressure you into having sex. I am also waiting and anyone who tries to make you do something you don't want to isn't the right one for you.
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    I'm like you. I've had many men tell me they love me, but they never helped me any in life. Does say a mother who leaves baby to die of starvation considered as loving one? No.

    Only in relationships can a random newly conjured-up parasite who buys you cheap gifts like plastic jewelry and occasional dinner and who has no contribution to your life call upon 'love'.
    I've never gotten involved with anyone in any way, because they are nothing to me. To have sex with them?!!May as well move to Rape and Abuse section -_-

    Yeah, the blackmail is obnoxious: if you do or don't I/this relationship will (-insert threat-). reminds me of my abusive mother if you don't_______you'll be going into the streets, my house, my rules.

    Basically gaslighting, manipulation, threats...wow 'love' is amazing, how am I gonna live without it?!

    As positive example I have my best friend: we get along almost perfectly and everything happens spontaneously. No blackmail.

    Being ina relationship with sb doesn't oblige you to have sex. But if you have libido, but don't feel like doing it with them...then it's not the right person or you're asexual (by the official def.)