I don't think its a poem but w/e

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  1. A monster trying to claw its way to the surface
    Its black blood flowing through my veins.
    Just waiting for a reason to release its malice, I held in for far to long.
    Just a matter of time...

    When you don't care about the consequences.
    When you don't care if you could live or die.
    It's the feeling inside that made me feel alive.
    just a matter of time...

    You think you can step all over me?
    I'm just nothing to you? Isn't that what you told me?
    I'm just a disease, a mere parasite, I'm only here because of you?
    We will see just how well I do when your dead....

    Don't even try to scream I'm having to much fun.
    I want to bludgeoned your face in with my fists.
    I want to punch a whole right through your head.
    I want you to choke, and swallow your teeth.

    I want to claw at your face so I can feel the skin go beneath my nails.
    I want to bite into your throat, and let the blood trickle down my mouth.
    I want you to feel, what I have felt all my life.
    I want you to die!
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    Yes, it's a poem. A very good one at that.
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