i dont understand it..

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  1. vbuk

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    hey, i dont get it - dont know where to put this either so i thought in here.

    im in chat and people keep saying nice things about me and i dont understand why. i dont know of anything good about me. it is so hard to hear nice words. i try so hard but just dont understand where they are from. always get paranoid that people are just joking - for a laugh! i really dont know what to do. sounds stupid i know. never been good with any sort of compliments.

    i love you all so so much

    Clare xxx
  2. lost_soul

    lost_soul Staff Alumni

    you are a very caring, kind and compassionate person whetheer you want to believe it or not. take care and believe in yourself hun. :hug
  3. mortdesinos

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    I think you are probably your worst critic. give yourself an opportunity to relax. Take long baths or showers. Wear comfortable clothes that you like. Do all of the little things. I know you're not feeling well physically, so these kids of things could help you in that respect, besides being a catalyst for helping you loosen up on the tight grasp you have on yourself.
  4. Abacus21

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    Big hugs :) :hug:

  5. blade

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    yes hunni! u are a very nice person! :p
    no wonder they are saying that!

    love u!