i don't understand what's happening.

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    Alright so there's this girl (there always seems to be one, doesn't there?)

    anyways... we both sort of self-harm... but we try to support eachother... it sounds fucked up because if we both do it, how can we help eachother? but we do... and when we do... we can control it... and she's as depressed as i am...

    but we have this beautiful relationship. she can tell me everything, and i can tell her everything. and we help eachother. it's so hard to explain. everytime she looks in my eyes... she can tell whats wrong... and everytime i look in her eyes... i can tell if she's lying when she says "she's ok"...

    i know i'm only 16... and i have no idea about what love is... but everytime i'm with her... i just get this feeling. she's the person i would take a bullet for. she's so incredibly beautiful and i don't know... i think i love her.

    but the problem is, she's dating another guy... they have kinks in their relationship (and to my agony) i always help her work them out... but she tells me that she thinks i'm her soulmate, and always writes me these beautiful messages. but she's dating somebody else and she isn't "interested" in me.

    so there's my problem... my friend tells me to move on... and i just don't know. she really likes this guy, and i think if he makes her happy... they should be together... but at the same time i love her so much... i don't want to let go.

    what the hell am i supposed to do?
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    talk to her... Tell her honestly that you dont like that she date another one... Tell her to choose...

    I know its hard... i am 16 too and i never had girlfriend, but i dream about it every day since i am 10 years old... (Fucking 6 years)...

    Love is only reason why i am depressed and why i escape from reality, or at least try to...

    Sorry for off topic...

    Well... I dont know what would i do, i would do everything for girl that i love... However, best thing you can do is to move on (of course you need to talk with her first)... I can tell you from first hand, its very hard to move on, you cant just forget it, but its the only right thing sometimes... i guess...

    Hope that she will left other guy and stay with you:)

    You can PM me if you want, i am always online lol:laugh:
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    that's the problem. i know i can't move on. i've had intense feelings for a girl before, but it's nothing like this. it's not an infatuation, or a crush. i know it's love. i just know it. and my opinion is bullshit, because im only 16, but i know this is for sure. I don't know... i dont want to wait... but if it comes to waiting... i dont know. i think i will.
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    I know the messages she is sending you point in two different directions, but if she said she isn't interested romantically then don't push it.

    And DEFINITELY don't ask her to "choose." Not only are you putting someone you care about under pressure/into an awkward situation by doing that, but you are also setting yourself up for a possible serious heartbreak (whereas you could otherwise be let down gently and still be pals with this lady).
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    yeah, i definately wasnt going to put any pressure on her... and i dunno. we have such an amazing friendship, and i dont want to forsake it for ANYTHING... except it seems like everyday im not with her i feel extremely depressed. i dont know if im being selfhish or what...
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    I just say talk with her. Explain how you feel if you guys do have this relationship where you can talk about anything. I guess if you cant get the courage to do that, I guess just be there for her and keep waiting, because eventually her relationship will fail for good if it does have this many problems to be solved.