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I wud say i was an ok person. Not a great person or anything like that. But alright, not horrible at least. But i must have got that all wrong because no matter what i do ppl hate me. And i mean properly hate, not just dislike but HATE. here's the proof:

"LOL I have never met anyone as full of as much crap as you in my entire life. You are so beyond help it’s hilarious. You’re not worthy of my friendship, you never really were. Without trust, there is no friendship. You have never had my trust because you’re completely untrustworthy. I once pitied you, now I find you thoroughly repulsive. You’re too broken, damaged and deranged, I feel incredibly sorry for you but more so for the unfortunate souls who have yet to see straight through you in the way that I do. You’re as transparent as a pane of glass to me; your twisted mind ever so easy to read. A manipulator as much cowardly as you are delusional, you find pleasure in compulsive deceit. There really are no redeeming virtues to the truly horrid person that you essentially are. You have nothing but toxic poison running through your veins. I ought to wish you well but I won’t because no amount of good fortune would be enough to save you. Everything that has ever happened to you is fully deserved, it’s called karma. You’re an embarrassment to yourself and those who have had the misfortune of ever having known you. You’re just an evil attention whore and the world would be a better off place without you."

That is what my last "friend" said after he got to know me. He said that after i told him i wanted to stay friend with him. I dont know what i did because i tried to be honest and real with him. More real than i am with most ppl and he hates me. Obviously i shouldnt b real with anyone. Carry on acting and hope that ppl like me.

I just dont no what is wrong with me. How am i so broken that everyone hates me and i cant even see it. Those words wont get out of my head and the reason they upset me so much is not that it was my "friend" saying them but more that it i think they are true. They say the truth hurts, and it sure does. It rips right through you.
I dont no what to do anymore.

P.S. If the person who said those things happens to read this... well i dont no. Just thanks alot, and i'm sorry i hurt u so badly that u resorted to that.

P.S. If you are someone that knows anything about this situation pls dont giv away any of the facts. Including who i am, who you are and who said these things.

Take care


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I don't know what happened between you and your friend before he said those thing but from what you have posted it sounds like he may have some issues of his own and is taking that out on you. Have you tried to talk with him since then at all? Asked him why he said it? Sometimes we have misunderstandings and say things we don't mean and maybe that was the case with him. Did you tell him you couldn't trust him? If so he should understand trust take s along time to build but you can still be friends in the mean time.

Either way don't listen to what he said. Just continue to be good and honest like you are and know you deserve better friends than that. True friends that you can trust completely are a rarity and I'm sure you'll find one like that one day.

Hun that is really awful. So much for a friend, huh? Friends wouldn't say stuff like that and if I were you, I'd delete the e-mail/bin the letter and try to forget about it because it is so untrue. I know I haven't spoken to you a lot but there is one thing that has stuck out and you are NOT a bad person. I don't know why you're 'friend' would say such horrible things and I can understand how it would make you feel but seriously hun, try not to take much notice of it and drop this friend out of your life, you don't deserve treatment like that, it's no wonder you feel so down.

You mentioned about if the person reads this, are they a member of SF? If they are I suggest you tell a moderator/admin about it because we don't need people like that on a site like this.

Take care of yourself. :hug:


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thanks for the replies.
No they arent a member but they used to come here a bit sometimes. Dont no if they still do. Thats the only reason i wrote that. Just incase
its a bummer when friendships don't work out the way u want them to. I am sorry that friend said such horrible things about u. But it is even worse that u agree with it. That is were the pain and suffering comes from. I really don't know u personally, but from what I have seen on this forum, ur a kind and awesome person. Let that define who u are. Be kind to urself, and like urself. You just might attract friends who are nice to u, and love u for who u are. I hope u feel better:smile:

That person, whoever they were, was totally wrong. I've known you for some time now, and you're a lovely person. I think they were just jealous, or something. Seriously. That is NOT the truth, you are so much better than that.
I don't know a single person who hates you. And THAT is the truth.
Please don't let him destroy you like this :hug:
Take care, and I hope someday you can see yourself as we see you,

I agree with Mie.It sounds like this person has some major problems and you just happen to be convenient target for him.I think this has more to do with him then it does with you.I really only known you a couple days but I can't see from everything you written that you deserve someone to come down so hard on you.From what I have you seen you a nice carrying person and you don't deserve that kind of treatment.Person that would say something like that is really not your friend and your better off with out him.

It's sad you see your self like that but I understand that.I feel like that sometimes to.I hope one day you see your self as you truly are.I know easier said then done but try.Good luck Lonely One don't let that guy bring you down.Your a good person.:biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:


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I'm sorry, but even if you were the biggest shit on the planet..NO BODY HAS THE RIGHT TO SAY WHAT'S BEEN SAID THERE!!!!

What a horrible, nasty, vile piece of SHIT whoever wrote that is :mad: :mad: :mad:

Lonely, you kick that person to the kerb, delete the email/letter whatever it was and ignore every vitriolic word that was penned. My God what a bastard :mad: :mad:

:hug: :hug: :hug: :flowers: ...hugs and flowers for Lonely
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