i dont want to be here anymore

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by imsohurt, Dec 9, 2007.

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  1. imsohurt

    imsohurt New Member

    this is not the first time i have thought about ending my life...
    but i think its best for everyone that i go
    everything i touch seems to rather run away and dont look back or die
    the reason for this is my wife has been acting very suspicous lately and on wednesday she left her phone at home and i read the text messages that was comming through
    basically she is seeing somone else!!
    this morning she left for her mothers with her daughter and my step grandson from wakefield down to milton keynes a 2 hour drive away
    at 10am she got up and said to her family that she was just going to the shop and to this precise moment in time she still hasnt been in contact with me or her family.
    im sure i have somthing to do with her dissapearance i.e i may not be providing what she wants??? i dont really know but its hurting so badly that i dont feel my exsistance is no longer needed without her so in that sentence i think its about time to go please remember me for who i am not what im about to do as i will be looked after as i will be in a better place.
    :sorry: :night: :missing: :dead:
  2. down_and_low

    down_and_low Active Member

    Don't blame yourself! She's the one in the wrong, you're a good and honest person! Don't punish yourself for her actions!
    Please, you aren't to blame for her dissaperance. She'll get in touch, and you can talk it through then.
    Take care and be well!
  3. pit

    pit Well-Known Member

    I sure feel for you. I have a lot of abandonment issues, myself.

    Hopefully you two can work it out. If not, you can see someone too, I suppose.
  4. Up&down

    Up&down Well-Known Member

    Hi there,
    Sorry this has happend to you.
    I used to be an expert on being dumped on but not any more.
    Please remember you have been wronged here, DO NOT give straight in to her I know that is easy for me to say but honestly it is the only way.
    If you give in she will think that's wasn't so bad and it would be easy to do again. Do not blame yourself & no matter how much you love her you do not deserve what has happened to you.
    From your posting you really want her back, play her at her own game, even if you are falling to pieces, make it look like to her and people who speak to her that you have got it all together, tidy the house up keep youself clean and shaved get a hair cut.
    Any talk of suicide will push her further away, she will think she controls you and would sort of think you are a mouse not a man & she wants a man.
    affairs happen for all sorts of reasons, perhaps she thought she was getting no younger had a bit of attention and it was meant as just a bit of fun.
    affairs sometimes come to an end when the parner finds out is the other bloke attatched?
    Please look after you, I have been where you are more than once and it hurts it hurts heaps.
    You are not alone
    PM me anytime if you want a chat.
    Ps. Girls the above works on cheating blokes to.
  5. imsohurt

    imsohurt New Member

    hi guys and gurls
    i want to thank every1's advice on this
    not only am i still here which is a bonus but iv finally found the courage to pick myself up and leave her,
    i have met someone really special, I know it took me 400miles and nearly 7 hours to get to her driving but its all worth it
    thanks again and i really really do appreciate the help given in this thread
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