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i dont want to be me anymore


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hopeless. broken. lonely. sad. empty. bad toughts. tears. every. night. and. day. anxiety feels like a big black stone. do i even want to feel happiness? everytime i get a glimpse of happiness i always end up feeling so much pain. crying in the night. feels like im cursed.


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i'm sorry you feel so bad right now. i also have very bad days, actually most of my days are bad. but i fight to get my mood better. it doesn't work all of the time but most of the time. my key to get through my shitty life is happiness. every little bit of happiness makes living so much more tolerable. so try for happiness any happiness big or small helps. you may still have issues but they won't be as bad. i hope you can start feeling better soon...mike...*hug*shake*sadhug*console


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Yeah, last night I took time to enjoy the view from my window by my bed. It was open a bit, so the fresh air was great, and as the clouds broke I could see the stars. I won't say it made me happy, but I did enjoy it.


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Hi @YellowHat I'm sorry you are feeling so down and in darkness. What do you think would help you feel better at this stage?

Are you getting any professional helps? It is hard to deal with these thoughts alone. Keep posting ok? We are listening.


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i'm sorry things are so bad right now @YellowHat . sometimes life plunges us into darkness but you are not alone. let us help you out of the darkness and into the light. i hope you feel better soon. feel free to use my inbox anytime you want to talk...mike...*hug*shake

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