I don't want to be.

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    I'm underweight, and I have hyperthyroidism. Apparently my thyroid was fatally low so he doubled my dose and wants to do more blood tests in a week to see if that levels it out better or not. I'm on Levothyroxine 25 mcg, but I take two of them now because he told me to start taking 50 mcg.

    Thursday I didn't eat.
    Friday/Yesterday I didn't eat.
    Today I didn't eat. I actually slept til about 3 PM. But I didn't stay up last night at all. I went to bed at like 11 PM.

    I don't even drink either, only take a sip of anything to take my pills with. :/

    I try reminding myself to eat by leaving trash around like bottles and wrappers or plates and cups. That doesn't seem to work either.
    And I stopped folding laundry... I feel like somethings wrong with me, and I'm lost the enthusiasm to do anything to help myself anymore..

    I have a girlfriend, and she tries helping me too. But nothing seems to be working anymore.
    I stopped eating, stopped drinking, I sleep too much, I don't care about piles of clean laundry unfolded, or dirty laundry on the floor, or trash everywhere... Nothing seems to bother me anymore.

    I don't take ANY medication other than Levothyroxine. I don't have a therapist or psychologist because I'm afraid of my mom thinking I'm crazy or stupid or something... I'm homeschooled because in 7th grade (1) I was bullied for a false rumor saying I was gay and I wasn't. Eventually I was stabbed and left school. I've been alone in my room every day of my life since then... I don't have any friends online on any social networking sites. (Facebook, Myspace, MyYearBook, Chatango, MakeOutClub, and here.) My friends lists all say 0, only some days it will say 1 from a random person who I might like talking to for a day or two, then they neglect me or stop talking...

    Some days I even go insane and depressed a lot that I just remove everything from my phones, delete accounts, numbers, people, everything... And I lock myself in my room all the time. :/

    I'm trying to look for a job (somewhat..) But I think I LOOK too young that no one will want to hire me... I'm looking for a job so I can leave home and find my own apartment to try and deal with myself, instead of leaving my messes and problems to my mom. And I just want to be alone really..

    I don't know what to do in my life at all. I have nothing to pick up excitedly and think "I HAVE TO DO BETTER!" I just don't feel that feeling, ever. :/
    I don't feel anything. I even contemplate suicide constantly by either a method of slow self-harm using substances, or <edit mod total eclipse method>.
    I don't really want to do that though, I feel like I should keep trying (even though I don't think I'm trying hard enough.), and I psychologically can't cry, yell or scream. I also have severe social anxiety if that helps anything. I don't talk to anyone really, because everyone's too different to me. I feel like I'm far behind my generation.
    I've tried to make random friends in person at malls and stuff... I couldn't even talk or buy anything even if I had $200. I just don't feel anything...
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    YOu need to talk to your parents they will not think you are crazy they will see you are depressed and need help talk to a councillor at your school a teacher someone you an get councilling there as well Just get talking ok time to get help NOW hugs