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I don't want to go down easily

Discussion in 'Positive Feelings and Motivational Messages' started by SilentLegend, Feb 22, 2015.

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  1. SilentLegend

    SilentLegend Member

    I want to apologize to myself.
    I'm sorry that I am always complaining and souring the mood, I'm sorry for spreading negativity.
    I am always expecting the worst. I am so afraid that I won't be able to make it.

    But the fact is, either I will come out of this rut and be a success or I'll be an abject failure.
    Those are the only two outcomes, so there is no point in worrying because either I'll succeed or I won't.

    I'm afraid that I won't be able to hold it together for much longer, I'm afraid I'll never have a job and end up homeless,
    I'm afraid that life will completely overwhelm me in the near future, and I won't be able to survive the depression.

    But none of this has even happened yet, and here I am, whining and complaining.
    I should be battling, because the battle is still on, I'm not defeated.
    My life is not over, I may be down but I am not out.

    I can do all the whining and complaining I want once this struggle is over, after all I'll have the rest of eternity to whine and complain.
    But now is not the time for that, I can still succeed so I am going to try my best and keep fighting.
    If life is going to defeat me, then so be it, but it hasn't happened yet, and so I will still fight.

    To life:
    You have me on the ropes, you are so close to the knockout, but let's see if you can do it.
    Come on, do your worst. Finish me.
    I'm ready for you, I'm ready to face my fate.
    I may have allowed you to beat me to the ground, but if you want to finish me, you are going to have to earn it.
    I am not going to help you and make it easy on you by whining and complaining.
  2. Aquarius123

    Aquarius123 Well-Known Member

    Don’t Quit
    When things go wrong, as they sometimes will;
    When the road you’re trudging seems all uphill;
    When funds are low and debts are high;
    And you want to smile, but have to sigh;
    When care is pressing you down more than a bit,
    Rest, if you must, but don’t ever quit.

    Life can be queer with its twists and turns,
    As every one of us sometimes learns.
    But many a failure can turn about,
    And we could be winning, if only we stick things out.
    Don’t give up, even if the pace appears to be slow.
    You may succeed, with just one more blow!

    Success is failure turned inside out;
    It’s the silver tint on the clouds of doubt.
    And you never can tell how close to it you are,
    It could be near, when it still seems very far!
    So, stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit.
    And when things seem at their worst.
    That’s the time when it’s most unwise to quit.


    The way I see it, when things sometimes seemingly go wrong in our lives, it is always us who are out of step with the Universe and not the other way round. It is then more than likely that the energies that it is currently putting at our disposal wish to tell a different story and are trying to steer us into a different direction. If one seems to run into one invisible wall after another, when obstacle after obstacle rears its head, it is a safe bet that the Universe is attempting to give us a message that somehow we are barking up the wrong tree; and it may well be the case that it has something much better up its sleeve for us, if we but pay attention.

    The world around us is a mirror of what is taking place inside us. Through its actions and reactions its reflections are constantly trying to provide us with some kind of feedback. This is known as Universal guidance and we do well to pay attention to what the Universe has to say. And whenever things in our lives are not going the way we would want them to, almost certainly this is a signal from the Highest that the time has come for taking stock and making some changes. To re-align our energies with those of the Universe, we need to find ways of getting back into harmony with ourselves by reflecting on what special lessons we may have agreed to learn in the course of our present lifetime before we came into it.

    Whenever any change of direction is required, we do not have to do anything of the kind, because we have been given freedom of choice. However, wise ones pay attention to whatever guidance comes their way and when next time something seemingly goes wrong in their lives, they try their hand at something else and look towards channelling their energies into different avenues of expression. The Universe constantly offers us choices and no-one can force us into doing anything we do not like or to believe things that do not sound true to us. There is always a choice and it has to be made – by us. But, before anyone can choose wisely, one first has to realise that we are allowed to choose. Try not to overlook that not choosing also amounts to a choice.

    Recommended Reading:

    With love and light,

    * * *
  3. VLSI

    VLSI Member

    You have no Idea how much motivation this has given me today. At this moment in time I'm beginning to hate myself less. I'm beginning to be a little more optimistic about my future. Thank You
  4. Aquarius123

    Aquarius123 Well-Known Member

    There’s light at the end of the tunnel.
    There’s calm at the end of the storm.
    There’s rest at the end of life’s journey,
    And a hearth that is welcome and warm.

    There’s a Star on the top of the mountain,
    You can touch when the last crag is scaled.
    There’s a certain reward for the faithful,
    At the point where they think they have failed.

    There’s spring at the end of each winter
    And behind the black cloud, there is blue.
    There’s a song at the heart of all sorrow
    And happiness waiting for you.

    Patience Strong

    From ‘Words Of Hope & Encouragement’

    * * *
  5. Dark

    Dark Active Member

    Thanks for sharing that nice, anecdotal poem. I enjoyed the other poems posted too, very motivational.
  6. Aquarius123

    Aquarius123 Well-Known Member

    Thank you, dear Friend. I hope you will soon find it necessary to change your forum name to 'light'.

    With love and happy Easter,

  7. Starting Over

    Starting Over Active Member

    Lots of great, positive thoughts here-glad to see it!!! :redface-new:
  8. Aquarius123

    Aquarius123 Well-Known Member

    Glad to see you and hear from you.

    Welcome in our midst.

    Hope you'll find what you're looking for, make many new friends and at least once in a while
    come away with a different point of view that helps you feel better about ourself and your life.

    With love - Aquarius

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