I don't want to live.

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  1. My ex boyfriend. He lives in New York, I live in Tennessee. We broke up eight months ago because I overreacted when I found out he lied to me. We talk to each other daily, 24/7, and tell each other we love each other every second of every day. But he doesn't want to be with me. I'm not good enough for the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

    Fuck this, fuck my life. I'll take the easy way out, make him happy and just disappear. He may never even find out that I committed suicide. If he ever finds this; He'll know it's me.
  2. Sapphire

    Sapphire Well-Known Member

    If that's all it takes for him to just toss you aside then he doesn't love you, really.

    It's best to move on. Forget about him. Spending this much time at this point with someone who has tossed you aside over something silly like that is a mistake. Don't keep making it. Forget about him.
  3. He's never once told me that i'm not good enough for him; that's just how I feel. He won't forgive himself for hurting me. He brings it up daily but he won't let us date again. We're basically dating, just not officially. And it kills me more and more each day to the point of where i'm just ready to die to make him happy, and to stop worrying about me. finally.
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    Your lucky to still talk to your ex. My ex hates me so much, she completely ignores me... See you on the other side.
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    If he loves you, he wouldn't want you to leave. If he likes you, he wouldn't want you to leave. If he, or anyone, knew you were thinking like this, he would try to stop you. You might see it as an easy way out, but I know he would never forgive himself.
    Would talking to him about these thoughts be out of the question? No matter what he truly feels, he, or someone close to you, needs to know.
    Take every day as it comes, you never know will might happen in the future :)
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