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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Nobodydifferent, Jan 22, 2016.

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  1. Nobodydifferent

    Nobodydifferent Well-Known Member

    I want to be ok .. Not this girl not this fucked up mess ..

    What's broken can't be fixed anymore ..

    Tonight's just one of those bad ones .. I had too much alone time ..

    I use to love alone time .. Now .. It leaves me time in my own mind .. To hate myself ..
  2. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    Try not to hate yourself. It is not your fault you have this illness, go easy on yourself.
    Do you want to talk more about the ''fucked up mess''? We will try and help and im really sorry i did not see this thread until now, i hope you got through the night okay, we are always here for you no matter what *hugs*
  3. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Talk here ok keep reaching out here so you know you are not alone You are struggling but you are not alone not as long as you keep reaching out ok
  4. JmpMster

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    Being lost in our own thought without any plan or purpose for an extended period seldom goes well for anybody. While we cannot help alone time always, we can take some small action to keep it from turning into a downward spiral of depressive thoughts-

    Go out for a walk , to window shop, or around town just people watching and walking. If have a dog take it for a walk or play fetch- anything that changes the environment and requires even minor thought interruptions. Outside the house is good because it gets rid of the accompanied trapped feeling sometimes that comes with these thoughts.

    Plan and organize the thoughts instead of simply letting them go. Instead of pondering aimlessly use the time to create a plan of action for the next day/future of something you can do to feel better or improve things-0 where to apply for jobs, catching up with old friend or cousin, - just you direct where the thoughts go instead of following them to where they take you.

    Read a book - it is hard to get lost in thoughts when reading. Some prefer TV/Movie but if it is not good/engrossing it is still easy for the mind to wander. If do go with TV/Movie do not choose something that you know will trigger you- another- don't Match your depressed mood with a movie you know is sad. Matching down mood with down movies and music is very common and really is just a way to extend the bad/low mood, not to improve it. Comedy is far better choice then a movie where the star dies in the end if you want to not delve into depression.

    Do puzzles like logic puzzles/Sudoku/crosswords or things that take concentration.

    Come find somebody to talk to here if all else fails. Then decide if you want to talk about your problems , or if you want to listen to those of others. Those applies to chat or forum. If you cant break the thoughts or are getting no sense of relief after having written posted and are still stuck in your own mind, try replying to some other posts. By changing the focus off you onto others if venting hasn't helped it can switch your mind form the "there is nothing I can do" into a creative problem solving mode for others. While you might be making comments to others about their issues, often you find it would be good advice for yourself too. For some reason it is far easier to see the answer to a problem if it is somebody else than our own, even if nearly identical problems.

    Take Care and Be Safe
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