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I don't want to sleep

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I've never slept well, ever since I was a little kid. At this point, I almost dread sleep, because I know my brief reprieve will be filled with nightmares or other bad dreams. Even if it isn't, I still dread having to wake up the next morning and face another day. I really just want to close my eyes and rest, and not wake up. Just rest. But I can't bring myself to do that, so instead I stay up way too late until I can't any longer. I then sleep restlessly, and do it all again. Is this just going to be how the rest of my life is? =/


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Hi Jaden, I'm the total opposite, I love sleep. I'm sorry to hear you have been suffering nightmares etc.... at least anyway you can talk on here for when you want to stay up late. If I were you I'd discuss this with my doctor, just to get an opinion on what I would do in those circumstances, nevertheless I hope you do not have nightmares tonight :hug:
I know how you feel. I have insomnia, lack of deep sleep, trouble staying asleep and getting to sleep. Sometimes I'm manic (my version anyway) and am just too wired to sleep. Sometimes I am afraid to go to sleep because they will be watching or will be in my nightmares. They = bad people. I also have days when all I want to do is stay in bed and never get out again. I'd love to just go into an imaginary world and escape this life. It seems whenever I take maybe a half step forward, I end up 10 steps behind. Sometimes I've gone 3-4 days without sleep and can function fine guess that would be if I'm my manic. Sometimes I can't function at all. Lately I'm in the non functioning range. I've tried all types of things. I know all the sleep rules. Meds don't work for me except for a short time I was on a low dosage of Seroquel and it would knock me out but then they change the dose and the type (XR) and poof that sleep benefit went away. Those were the sleep days. Only other med that has worked for me is whatever they use for surgery. So I know how you feel.
Talk to your dr or drs and see what they can. I'm on a new med right now that I'm slowly ramping up on to stop all the noise and racing thoughts. Not done a thing yet. There are a lot of options out there for what I'll call sleep rules (drs call them sleep hygiene) that can help. Your dr can also check for other issues that keep us awake. Good luck - wish you the best Zzzs.


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I too have problems with sleep since I developed mental problems. I no longer sleep peacefully. I have weird dreams that are disturbing. I also feel disturbed when I first wake up.
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