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i dunno might trigger

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i would post under my name but this is too embarrassing. when i was a kid i used to sleep with my mom almost nightly. i liked it.waht i remember wasnt sexual.it was just snuggling and it comforted me. im a very huggy person. but a couple years ago she tried to kiss me. necking type of thing.i told her "mom im not gay" and asked her if she was. she said no but then she said "i want you to know what it feels like" because i was a virgin.i wasnt a kid anymore i pushed her away and she stopped.of course i dont sleep with her anymore im an adult now.but i still rember those times lying in bed with her and feeling so secure and safe and miss it. but yet im still uncomfy with the idea.what if she did stuff i dont remember??she asked me to stay with her tomorow she had surgery yesterday and wants someone to keep an eye on her. she wants me sleep there in the same bed. i love her allot she is a great mom and i used to be comfy doing that i still miss it but im uncomfy with it now.what if she tries something again? i know i can push her away but still. just embarrassed.


My heart goes out to you. What your Mom did was completely and utterly wrong and innapropriate. I'm so sorry it happened to you.

What comes to mind immediately is that it's okay for you to set firm boundaries. If you can't deal with staying with her then you don't have to. If you do feel okay staying with her but are not comfortable sleeping in the same bed/room then feel free to make it clear. Don't allow yourself to be walked over. Are there any other family members who could help out?

I'm sorry...I don't know if this is helpful but it's what came to mind.
First of all you have no reason to feel embarrassed, you did nothing wrong.

What you mom did was totally innapropriate and very wrong. If your unconfortable about sleeping in the same bed as her then you don't have to, you could stay with her and help her out but refuse to sleep in the same bed. I can understand that your a huggy person but that kind of behaviour is innapropriate.

My heart goes out to you

Take care

Allways here if you wanna talk

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