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I enjoy seeing certain people suffer...

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Someone From the Dark...

Hello there, some of you may know me,but i prefer to keep my username secret right now, you see, ever since a certain point of my life, i find it hard to feel pity for most of the pepole i see, i also enjoy causing pain to many pepole, i may have inderectly contributed to the death of one of my parents, it...feels good... yet at the same time i can't help but feel a little guilty about it, however, i find it hard to truly feel happy for anyone, i don't want to dissapoint some of you who know me at SF, but its the sad truth, its a part of me, and i'm afraid i can't kill it, its vital to who i am, For those of you who have read, thank you for being kind enough to read this, may you all have a nice day.


Re: I enjoy seeing certain pepole suffer...

Do you see this as a problem for yourself?
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