I failed my mother

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    I had a tough life but it made me strong, back in September I said something to my mom I wish I never said, I didnt talk to her for 4 months but when I spoke to her I could tell she was gone, I failed her she raised 3 failures, my brother my father and me, I was the one who was going to make a difference in her life and make her proud but now I am dead, I wish I can go back a few years at least for my mom, she was supportive to my crappy thing 2 years ago that changed my life, now i am a failure and a loser and I took it out on her

    I am a failure to my mother and father and I could only imagine what they think

    god damn I havent seen my mom in 2 1/2 years I can only image how old she looks, she is going to die soon and she will die knowing she raised a loser and a failure and nothing can bring that back, I should get revenge on certain people just for my moms sake
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    I am sure no matter what you have done you still have your mother's love :hug: and it is never to late to make things better, to prove to her and yourself how great of a person you are...
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    Hey WML,
    I agree with Mike, it is never too late to open those lines of communications. I didn't talk to my dad or mother for years because they kicked me out when I was seventeen. They even took my car so I lost my job.
    I disappeared for six years and my oldest sister and brother in law had hired a private dick to track me down. They knew I was in New York but not where. I finally called my mom and told her she was going to be a grandmother. They came to visit when my daughter was born.
    We still didn't get along because I was still getting high and drinking. So we talked everynow and then but not much had changed between us. I got older and so did they. One day I told myself this is enough of this shit and I went and saw them at a family get together and we sat down and talked for hours. We buried the hatchet and now get along great. Everytime I see my dad he hugs me and tells me he loves me.
    My point behind that little story is your parents will always love you, no matter what you did in the past. You need to look at the NOW and the furture and make ammends between you. It is a big releif once that is done. I wish you luck and at least think about it o.k.? ~Joseph~