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I feel alone & it seems the bst wy out i cn see 2 be theist again (ATHEIST ADVCE PLZ)

Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by asking_advice, Dec 6, 2011.

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  1. asking_advice

    asking_advice Well-Known Member

    last semester. i feel happy & im confident about myself. im not really atheist. im more of agnostic and secular but now, i feel alone. im here in our house all day. by next sem i will study again. every time, i saw my friends that have career and lovelife. i feel down. it is the reason that's why my confidence started to fade. im in early twenties. i should have work at my age but my depression made me late to understand life.

    any advice about my situation?
  2. 1Lefty

    1Lefty Well-Known Member

    Re: I feel alone & it seems the bst wy out i cn see 2 be theist again (ATHEIST ADVCE

    I'm glad you're here. I won't offer any religious advice.

    As long as you're here, you're not alone. There are lots of people here who care.

    I'm sorry you're feeling bad.
  3. Adam107

    Adam107 New Member

    Re: I feel alone & it seems the bst wy out i cn see 2 be theist again (ATHEIST ADVCE

    Sounds like you're describing the exact same situation that I'm in. I too am in my early twenties and I constantly feel like I'm so far behind where a person my age should be when it comes to both career and a love life. I know how bad it can make you feel. But the truth is there are millions of people our age going through the same problems and people have always found a way through it.

    In regards to a career, you mentioned "semester" so I take it you are in school. That's a good thing right there; that's where a good future starts. Just figure out what you have a passion for and pursue a degree in that field. Set step-by-step goals and keep them in mind. Always remember your goals in the context of what you ultimately want in life. It gives you drive and a sense of purpose.

    And when it comes to finding love, the best advice I can offer is to just get out and do things. Go out with friends to public places, go to social events, parties, etc. You do things like that and you're bound to meet someone sooner or later.

    I can't really tell what advice you're looking for about religion. I'm an atheist myself. If you're feeling alone, I hope you have friends or family that would be willing to listen to you and help you; but if not, there are always places like this forum. I don't post here very often but, from what I've seen, the people here seem really nice and they tend to offer pretty good advice. Anyway, about the whole religion thing, whether there are any gods or not, the truth is that real happiness and success are possible in this world for every individual who is willing to strive for it. I have seen it firsthand and it really gives me inspiration. I know things can seem so overwhelming at times, and setbacks in life will probably occur, but like I said the most important thing is to keep your goals in mind and to keep pushing forward to achieve them. With time and effort, you can obtain anything you want in life (happiness, success, love, family, friends... anything).
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