I feel as if i will never be able to get to know someone as well as my ex

I dated my ex for more than one a half years and after we broke up we countied to talk and hang out. He knows the real me the best and i only talk to him about my feelings. I feel as if i will never get to know someone good enough in a relationship. We get along so well but i dont want to be with him because i dont have that love for him anymore. I also feel like i cant not talk to him because id feel empty. But i dont want to date him. Im really confused. And sorry if this seems very confusing and doesnt make sense


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I think it's normal to feel a bit confused. Your ex is still in your life, but not in the same role he had before. You seem to be at a stage where you realize he's not "the one" for you, but it's a little scary to think of someone new because you haven't found that someone new yet. When you do meet the next one, the "scary" and "confused" feelings will probably change to "exciting" and "happy."
I know how you feel sorta,
Me and my ex have been 3 years on and off, she cheated on me twice, the third time be brokeup was because I simply couldn’t trust her like I use to and i would have horrible anxiety when I was with her. We haven’t talked since we broke up nearly 3 months ago. Even though we no longer talk I also have an extremely hard time dealing with how close we were, she was one of the only people I felt comfortable around and who knew truly everything about me as i knew...almost everything about her

3 months latter and I’m still lonely as hell I regret almost every day not trying to Just be friends with her, this quote sorta explains how I was feeling “You wanna know what the truth is? I still love you and I probably will love you for a very long time. But I can't just be your buddy, because as much as i enjoy the concept of being "just friends" in reality it's a bizarre form of torture and i'm just not willing to participate in it. so right now what i wanna do is just move on and get over you and the only way for me to do that is to not be around you anymore.”

Anyways....i guess what im trying to say is...before you completely shut him out of your life maybe just slowly let him go, see how it feels, just go with what feels right. Someone else will come along onday, it’s a slow process and they will never be able to “replace” him and what he was for you at that point in time, however he will be all you will need. its not fair to you to have to be around this person and have it cause you pain


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I feel the same as you right now. It's so hard, so hard!!! to fill the space left by your ex if you were very close.

It was helping for me to go out with other friends and pick up other activities outdoors especially.... but then I stopped and went back to being friends with him. It's so hard, I know. 4 year relationship for me.

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