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I feel empty

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Burgerashid, Jul 16, 2013.

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  1. Burgerashid

    Burgerashid New Member

    I'm 26 and for few months I've been thinking about suicide. I have a loving boyfriend of three years. I imagined and made plans for our future together. He moved countries to be with me. But he told me in December that he wants to move back. Our relationship is interfaith and he's not sure he will be happy with me in say twenty years time and he wasn't sure if he wanted to live here. Our parents oppose us as well. But we've been continuing our relationship till now even though I know he is going because I can't bear to be apart from me. Two nights ago my brother and my parents asked why I am still dating him even though i won't be marrying this guy. And i talked to my boyfrirnd about breaking up. i feel like he is the love of my life and he is my best friend and i can't be without him. I haven't slept past two days, haven't eaten or gone to work. Ive cried so much i can barely open my eyes. i think I'm at a weak point in my life. I know I will never find anyone like him ever again and I feel weak and think there's no point in living. I live on top floor of my apartment. I just want to step out of the balcony. I don't even know why I'm writing this here. I'm feeling stupid and empty and scared and devastated and hopeless.
  2. Izora

    Izora Member

    hi burgerashid, im new to this site just like you. but I want you to know that your not stupid for writing this, your very brave. I know it takes a lot to take the first step and open your feelings up for others to see. thank you for trusting this community. I want you know that while you won't find someone exactly like him there are so many people who are just as wonderful. don't give up.
  3. augustleo

    augustleo Active Member

    The world is filled with billions of people and most relationships don't last forever. It is true the pain of breaking up with someone can be too hard to bare but it happens to most people and it's a completely normal thing even though painful. Sometimes the only way to heal from the pain is to find someone else. Sometimes the next person you'll eventually come across can make you far more happier than the first.

    People should not kill themselves just because life is not perfect. It's best not to think about somethings to much otherwise it can destroy you. Be patient and think positive as good things can happen when we least expect it. No matter how painful life can get good things always happen from time to time.
  4. Burgerashid

    Burgerashid New Member

    Thank u augustleo and lzora
  5. Empty???? Or dead. Emotionless. Incapable of feeling happiness and joy. Or at least not like *others* seem to enjoy life???

    I agree that you are brave for putting it out there. And at least seeking some help now while you are young and have time to heal and still have a great life. With your current bf or whoever it is that you find who can love you EXACTLY as you are. Without the fake smiles or any of that crap.

    And since you are brave..... tell your doctor this too. Maybe you just need a pill or two. Maybe you can be saved.

    God bless ya
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