I feel guilty but I feel like he needed to hear it but I still feel guilty

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    I can't believe I have done what I did, mainly because as someone who suffers from depression I have been told many many times to snap out of it etc. etc.

    I told a friend who I speak to often online to snap out of it. He often complains about the same things and we have talked extensively about his problems. I mean we have pulled them apart and put them back together at least a couple hundreds times, there is no stone left unturned, nothing that we haven't both said or thought about and yet he does nothing to help himself, not a single little thing.

    I just felt frustrated and told him he needed to stop complaining, get off his arse and actually make a move. It's only when you try that you get to complain about failure.
    He told me I was a bitch and has been ignoring my emails.

    I feel bad.

    But I don't feel bad at all. Mostly I feel relieved. It needed to be said.