I feel horribly upset

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    My husband just walked out on me after 7 years I know thats not a lot but I've been through a lot in these 7 years and he has been my only friend, I've lost everyone else the only one I have is my mum and I dont know because shes so sick . The worst part is that everything was fine a day before and he said he loved me . Today he walked off so calmly even though I begged him . Maybe I'm useless , maybe I'm borderline . But It's just that he was the only friend I had literally , I'm not even good with people , I'm always friendly its just no one cares enough to listen . If I weren't so alone things wouldnt have been this way. Everything my dad , money abuse everythings been so wrong all my life I want to smile once just once really smile . I wouldve killed myself if it werent for my mother, I did try once got admitted in the hospital for a week but I didnt really try . I want to but I cant .
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    I'm so sorry that you lost your husband. 7 years is a huge amount of time, so try not to invalidate yourself. He was your husband and a huge part of your life, and it has gone; that's going to be very distressing.

    Its going to be very hard to grieve for him and to start to repiece your life together.

    Are there any sort of supports available in India for people who need emotional support? Therapist? Support Groups? Anything like that?

    Do you think being in hospital might help you?

    Please keep talking here.
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    I am glad you have your mother for support It is terrible when someone you loves just ups and walks away. I know it hurts so much right now. Is there anyway he will go to marriage councilling with you. If not get some councilling for you okay to help you through this. There will come a time you can move on and find another to love and that loves you. Just take one day at a time and really try to get some therapy okay for you to help you deal with this loss. I am glad you reached out here keep talking okay lots of support here