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I feel I need to escape

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Hi I am new here and well I will just get to the point......

I have had this feeling inside building up for sometime, I am not stressed, lazy or anything, but I just have this feeling that I need to escape; travel to the other side of the world or something.

I have a demanding job which I do enjoy – technical as well - but sometimes I find myself searching for a whole new carrier altogether, I just want out. I have worked hard, studying to get to where I am, but I get the feeling; if I have made the right chooses - do I really want to be in this field of work. And I feel that I will start to under perform if the way I feel continues.

I’m not in a relationship and feel I am not ready to commit but I sometimes feel very lonely and all I want is to cuddle up to someone. Even though I am not that very social I do go out and mingle, but I have no interest to getting close to anyone - perhaps because I have been burned in the past (I am a very shy and don't take rejection very easily and if so I seem to go on the defensive and give up).

I enjoy writing and find myself creating novels and short stories all the time, perhaps this is a way for me to hide from the world - but I am really good at writing.

I just have this acting feeling that I have to escape and get as fare away from here as possible, the desire to fly to Japan or something fare away. My head is just mixed up at the moment.

Regards, Si
Well, your single, and it sounds like you have a good job. So maybe you could take some time off and actually go to Japan. Find some spot that you like, and either enjoy activity or just sit and write.

I used to feel that way , well, I still feel that way but I never did anything about it. Now I've got a family that I can't leave. A job which I hate because it is so boring. I wish so much that I could go back in time and actually take a trip. I've always wanted to go to Alaska for a week or two. I'll never see it now. Go while you can! Don't make the mistake I did. Actually go and do it!!
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