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  1. I am finally ready. <Mod edit: Timeline>.. I am ready for the pain to stop. I am not going to a crisis center or the hospital.. I will simply be committing suicide.

    I am tired of suffering. I want so badly to not feel extreme pain, to be in constant agony physically and emotionally. I want everything to just fade away and escape from my physical horrors of illness and miseries of poverty and loneliness. I am ready
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  2. Petal

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    You posted here, I think you want to be helped. I'm sorry you are very suicidal, but please do not do it. I know you said you are not going to the hospital but it is the best place for you right now. I've seen you around the forum a bit recently and would be sad if you went through with it. PLEASE call someone or message me, I will talk to you.
  3. scaryforest

    scaryforest Banned Member

    what petal says and maybe a note to make someone hear.

    it can be helped if you listen to someone long enough who does not seem to support your views at this time.
  4. Lux

    Lux Well-Known Member

    Please stay strong, you're too valuable <3
  5. No. Because I'm tired of being kept in this world. There is no more of anything left.

    People don't understand. It was something I should of known to do years ago.

    My body has been attacking me for years, and I have been blamed by others for something I could never control. My genetics stopped me from living any kind of a life. I fought them off the best as I could but they just only got stronger. If others only knew..
    I have held on for so long, I have tried to fight I have tried to have acceptance and make due.

    I wish I knew then what I now know as I wouldn't have carried on so long trying to fight. I thought I could have control.. But I was wrong. I never understood the true power of my genetic destiny and how I was never meant to win.

    No one will ever understand. Multiple illnesses, multiple tragedies - something in every area to impede my life. One thing on top of the other.

    One day without realizing it I just lost touch with reality To deal with the presumed grief of my situation. But now I have woken up and I am feeling all the pain I tried to numb myself to. I realize the gravity of the situation as I am no longer asleep. I am awake and I am devasted.

    It would only be humane for me to end my suffering now. The pain is so intense. I can feel it breathing inside of me through my bones. The emotional pain, the grief the stolen time, the dreams.

    To die would be best. I hope that someone out there can understand my decision in the same way I do
  6. liktheangel

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    Do the people around you know about your intentions? What about your family, friends, spouse?

    Do you really want to die, you only get one life and this might be it. Their are many people around the world that live in pain because of aliments physical and mental; the people on this forum live through daily mental turmoil, we understand that.

    Do you have anything you're looking forward to in the future like a holiday, film, cd release or date? If you're dead then you're going to miss it.
  7. Unknown_111

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    I understand that you are physically and emotionally down but YOU ARE.IMPORTANT. Look at the responses you had so far. You are important and keep remembering that.

    Please I implore that you keep posting for support and care from this site.
  8. smwhorses

    smwhorses Well-Known Member

    Dealing with long term ongoing pain is terrible. It does drag you down and makes you feel like there is nothing left to live for. I wish i could tell you who to see for help. I know what will help my constant pain from multiple sources but the common drugs are not covered by government health care. So my narcolepsy, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and bulging disks go untreated. Like you, dealing with the pain and the inability to function like I want has made me extremely depressed. I have found that no antidepressants work when my pain level is high.

    There are doctors out there who do believe there is no reason for us to live in pain. I hope you try to find one. For me vicodin is as helpful as aspirin. Please talk to you doctors about how depressed you are from the pain.
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