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I Feel Like I Don’t Exist and Other Feelings

I’m not receiving email replies: companies, people etc. I reach out for a service or a question and no one replies.

no ones replying or reading my texts/messenger messages.

I haven’t received a job offer in my freelance career in forever. I feel like I’m good at what I do but then I remember that I’m clearly terrible.

I try to speak up in conversations but I’m talked over or what I say is ignored.

hell. I don’t receive interaction with anyone unless I engage first. Before I hear work goes both ways, it’s always been like this. People don’t want to spend time with me it seems. Whether it’s a text a phone call or in person.

hell. Even on here I’ve been on the chat function a few times where people are online. Talking out and receiving no replies.

I feel like I have nothing to show for 26 years of life except clearly the skill to be invisible.

I’ve opened up to a friend about how I’ve been feeling alone and like there’s no point and at minimum I just need someone to talk to. And they didn’t answer for a day. And still don’t engage first. What’s the point when it doesn’t matter. Opening up doesn’t change anything.
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I am sorry that you feel that way. I can empathize with feeling invisible at times. I have had so many times where I have gone out of the way to open up and it has blown up in my face. If I don’t make the effort, then I won’t hear from anyone. Even if it is church members that we are supposed to be looking out for each other. They will always invite everyone in the church to an activity except for us and seem to rub it in our face.
I also, have never had many friends. It takes a few good friends to make all the difference in the world. Someone that will be there for you through thick and thin.
I also, have never had many friends. It takes a few good friends to make all the difference in the world. Someone that will be there for you through thick and thin.
Im starting to feel like people like that don’t exist. Or at the very least, already have friend groups. Every time I think I’ve made a new friend or spent time with someone, they always have more important people in their life.
Just like how not everyone is going to end up in a happy romantic relationship, not everyone gets friends. Seems like I’m one of those people.


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I admit to no friends as such in person. I have made some fun friends that we will start and have conversations here. I have never tried the chat feature to any degree only a few of those only the weekends when I know I can spend longer times on. I have only posted on their profile or started a conversation on their profile and have enjoyed those.


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I can really relate to this. At some point you do stop trying I think. As a person you reach a limit of how many times you can be invisible and decide it's easier to just not try anymore. There are a couple of people here who I talk with, not many though. I do realize some of it is on me. I got hurt one too many times. It makes me sad to think about it, so I just try to focus on other things.

I have one friend who it isn't like this. I know if he didn't answer it's because he is busy, or technology failed. He'll message me sometimes, I'll message him.

I don't have any answers here. I can only say I know how it feels.

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