I feel like I don't belong here...

Some of my favorite bands:
- Nirvana
- Hole
- Veruca Salt
- Bikini Kill
- Bratmobile
- Babes In Toyland
- Velocity Girl
- The Jesus and Mary Chain
- My Bloody Valentine
- Oasis
- Ride
- Slowdive
- Lush
- Teenage Fanclub

I've been listening to a lot of shoegaze lately. In the middle of 2023 I started listening to indiepop bands from the 80's and 90's, most of them were signed to Sarah Records. Currently I've also been digging lots of bands from Creation Records, they're fantastic!

And speaking of shoegaze, it seems like it's getting more popular on TikTok, and there are quite a lot of great shoegaze bands popping up lately. Usually I listen to shoegaze online radio stations, DKFM (http://decayfm.com) for example to discover new music :)
Oh my goodness, I'm getting really old. I don't recognize any of those names. I'm glad you're enjoying the music!

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it only rains on me
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I remember when I was in high school, when I started looking up old fansites through the Wayback Machine, it was so much fun but I remember it giving me some kind of melancholy feelings. It was like, yes I'm having so much fun but these sites don't exist anymore, and I can't talk to the webmasters and form friendships with those possibly cool folks because those sites died in around 2004 or so. I felt kinda lonely back then.
It's strange to think some will never really know how it was before social media and smartphones etc
Ofc, it will always be like that
But smartphones/social media was such a huge change to the world
There was internet before that, but I feel like it didn't really blow up completely untill smartphones and social media became mainstream
Before that, TV was probably the last big game changer

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