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I feel like I'm being a hypocrite (might trigger, I don't know)

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I feel like a huge hypocrite because I keep telling everyone to not commit suicide and that they're going to be okay...but I feel like I won't be. I almost killed myself last night, but I got too scared. I instead just cut myself. I just started cutting the other day and now my arm is almost all used up (at least the part that's easier to hide). I don't want to use the other arm because I want to remember what a normal wrist looks like.
I just need help. I don't want to commit suicide. It's hard to talk to my neurologist and therapist about it, and it's WAY too hard to talk to my mom about it. I just don't know what to do.
I know how you feel. I cannot seem to answer any requests for help either because I am considering it myself. Cutting will do nothing but make ugly scars. Try video games as they take your mind out of reality for a while.

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Hey you we are all here we have all been where you are now please know there is help okay. YOU mom will want to help you just as i help my child when i found out. Please talk to her okay talk to someone you need to get in to hospital maybe it is safe there get on some meds to help you feel better.
Please call crisis line even talk to someone okay stay safe


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Most of the time I couldn't agree more UCL but you know what? When I give advice, sometimes I realise I'm finding some solutions to problems that could actually help me. Trouble is, it's one thing to say it and another to do it but I try and keep holding onto the thought that if the person I'm advising has the strength to take my advice than surely I can as well. Sometimes not thinking and just doing all the little things that seem so much bigger than they are can all build up and help more than we think.
Also, there's always a good day or moment that will come along. Maybe not permanent but even a giggle from a youtube video or a sunny day is enough to give me a lil break from these feelings and I try and remember that those moments will come if I hang on long enough.
There is help. I too could never talk to mum or family. In fact my closest friends never even found out how I felt till it was nearly too late. You just gotta know who to ask for help.Maybe being honest with your dr.'s isn't as bad as you think? If they know that what they are doing isn't helping than they will wanna try something new that has the potential to help...

Sorry for rambling...
I hope this has a chance of helping.

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It's not hypocrisy.
We all do it.
We see good in many but the worst in ourselves.

I know I am going to die alone and very soon but I hope the best for everyone even though I hate everyone.
My mind is like an ever raging storm of push and pull, give and take.

The point is, we're all that way.
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