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i feel like im dying

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i feel weird.
there is an extra person inside of me. its like im 2 people. but one i cant control.

the real me is so low and drained

and then i have another person inside of me. that i cant control. this person is so worked up and will only settle when i cut.

its weird. i can switch from worked up, to lacking in energy so quickly.

i want to die.
i just want this pain to stop.

can anyone relate to that?
I personally can't relate to that much. But i can deffiantly relate VERY well to sudden changes in moods. If your not allready seeing a doctor, i would suggest going. They could possible disgnose the symptoms you have.

I wish you luck

Vikki x


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i can relate to u i feel like that so many times and it just builds up and up i dont have a person in my head its more like a shadow falling down in my mind and making me cut just to get rid of it and sometimes i feel so trapped in my own mind


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I can relate a lot to that, not 100% but certainly a lot. I often see the two sides that are in me and it's a constant battle.

It was suggested to me that one of them, most likely the self destructive one, was my inner child screaming for help and to be listened to. Have you ever had counselling or any sort of therapy?
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