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I feel like im going to EXPLODE!

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by gem77, Jun 4, 2012.

  1. gem77

    gem77 Well-Known Member

    where to start..i know my problems arent as bad in comparison to others on here but they are significant to me. my dad is constantly going on at me to find work, verbally bullying me because of it. i just finished university a few days ago and dont recieve my degree until the summer. i am pretty sure im not on course to receive the grade i want. we are having major financial problems partly because my dad pissed away a lot of the money..so i feel this immense pressure on me to find work as we really need money coming in. my mother seems passive, totally uninterested in doing something to save us from being in poverty!!! i dont have much family around me, not many friends i can actually count on and call loyal. no boyfriend to be there for me. i feel like im totally alone and will be like this forever. as each day passes the stress and anxiety i feel grows. my mum is attempting to set me up with this guy who is apparently quite wealthy, this just adds to my anxiety as i dont feel comfortable in my own skin so how am i even going to come off to this guy. i wish i had one person, just one who i could open up to completely, someone unselfish, someone who would be there for me. knowing how i am i dont think i will last for very long. the future seems bleak.....
  2. deathangel101

    deathangel101 Well-Known Member

    gem77 try to relax everything is going to be fine
    when your dad starts yelling block him out
    thats what i do when my foster mom yells at me
    also i get where your coming from with the money problem also you do have a friend
    im your friend and you can talk to me anytime you need to i'll be here for you no matter how hard things
    get so just pm me
    keep your head up and focus on yourself instead of on meeting with the wealthy guy
    if you don't love or even like him don't feel pressured into the relationship
    find someone you love to make you happy
  3. Silently-Hated

    Silently-Hated Well-Known Member

    All you can do is try and hope that something good will come along... There is no reason to doubt until everything is gone. Hang in there and know I'm there for you
  4. gem77

    gem77 Well-Known Member

    thank you for responding. it means a lot knowing that im not unheard.
  5. Silently-Hated

    Silently-Hated Well-Known Member

    I'll always listen, no one is never unheard to me, you just have to speak loud enough until you find someone to call back and speak to you
  6. deathangel101

    deathangel101 Well-Known Member

    your welcome and you can always talk to me if you need a friend
  7. StevenSiew

    StevenSiew Well-Known Member

    Regardless of what your father wants or don't want. You will need to do either of two things.

    * find work for yourself
    * further your education

    Pick one. And if you pick find work, then do it for yourself and not for your father. Nothing demotivates people then being ordered to do something.

    Steven Siew