i feel like im gonna pass out

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by lav11, Aug 27, 2012.

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  1. lav11

    lav11 Well-Known Member

    i feel like a binge... not because im craving food.. not because im hungry but just because i feel soo unwell.. i feel really faint, really dizzy and really sick... I don't want to pass out!

    i cant eat because ive already had a serve of vegetables and an apple today... maybe its not even from food.. i dunno i just cant stop thinking if i eat i wont feel so sick... if i can eat, this fatigue will go away and then i can sleep! right?? :(
    but then ill regret it tomorrow...

    cant stop crying (again) i just want this fatigue feeling to go away
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Hun eat something nutritional something that will give you energy and be healthy too hun any vegetable fruit is good If you want something light eat yogourt but something ok hugs
  3. Koalarin

    Koalarin New Member

    Hello lav11
    Try & see a doctor about the fatigue. Maybe some vitamins could help you or some prescribed medication by the doctor.
    In the meantime, eat lots of fruits and vegetables and drink lots of water.
    My husband used to suffer from fatigue & dizzy spells. And every two months he would be sick for 2 weeks, not eating much & just vomiting bile. I changed his diet. I bought a juicer and he has fresh fruit/vegetable juice with a piece of ginger every night. I cut all wheat products from his diet for 2 months and then I slowly introduced them back again. He used to eat bread everyday. Now he eats bread only once or twice a week. He eats brown rice instead of white rice. No canned or bottle foods with preservatives. Important thing is to have food as fresh as possible and introduce a variety of food. 3 years has passed and he has not been sick, not even the flu.
    Try this and I hope it will help reduce the fatigue. take care
  4. _Lily_

    _Lily_ Forum Buddy

    i hope you feel better soon ...i know its hard to eat some times
  5. lav11

    lav11 Well-Known Member

    Thanks everyone,
    i ended up going to bed instead.. I had a carrot thid morning still feeling real fatigue though... Im a vegan now so dont have too many options of eating anything but healthy stuff...
    I dont know why but still feel the need to restrict even with fruit...
    I cant speak to a doctor about it, i dont want to be made to get help or told to eat more from a doctor... But yeah.. I am eating healthy meals when i do eat.. Just probabpy not as much as i should..

    Kinda worried about passing out and being admitted though... But physically i just cant eat....
  6. Jack Rabbit

    Jack Rabbit Well-Known Member

    Being a vegan is especially hard if you have suffer from depression.
    Even a vegan needs 60-70 grams of protein each and every day.
    Even a vegan needs 1200-1500 calories a day.
    Even a vegan needs B vitamins - especially hard to get without supplements.
    Bad nutrition makes mental problems worse, and just eating healthy things is not enough to ensure good nutrition. You need to micro-manage a lot of components to ensure good nutrition.
    Start with protein sources... what do you eat for protein?
  7. lav11

    lav11 Well-Known Member

    I dont... I eat usually a carrot and an apple a day.. Sometimes ill have a meal for dinner and sometimes ill fast for a few days... I just really need to lose weig
    ht... If i eat more ill never lose anything... I cant have 500 calories let alone 100
  8. Samara

    Samara Account Closed

    Hey Lav there was a thread of people asking if you were alright ;) Good to see you here.

    As for the eating, you have to build up more of a nutritional intake; because an apple or carrot for a whole day, is not enough, and you will end up in the hospital from mal-nutrition.

    The body will do what it needs to, when you are not doing what you need to, to help it. By that, I mean it always gets the last say. That doesn't mean that you will gain any weight here...

    What you are eating is not even close to what you burn (calorie wise) just typing the messages you did here, for example. Your body needs energy for other things, it needs the sugars to create blood cells, to feed all the cells that run your body in the first place etc... and those come from healthy things that you do eat, like fruits, and vegetables; but please try and give your body more.

    You may not like it at first, and may cry, or get upset eating a bit more; but you have to try and build up your ability again. Starving yourself does not exactly make you lose weight; and there are other ways to lose weight that you are likely capable of doing, that would be a lot more fun, fulfilling, and useful in this situation.

    Is it possible to get a diet buddy? Someone to stick with you, and you can support each other in your weight loss goals and dieting regimes? Maybe that would help, and give you someone to confide in, about what you do manage to eat, or about what would be reasonable etc... maybe someone to encourage you too, when you need it?
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  9. lav11

    lav11 Well-Known Member

    Thanks.. Sorry, never saw the thread or i.would have posted in it.. Just so much going on...

    I just cant eat.. I guess i should but i cant.. I need to lose more weight,i cant stand the number on the scale and i just cant.. Sorry im am absoloute mess at the moment...
    What if i got multivitamins.. Willhey make m gain more weight... I dont wanr to go back to hospital....

    As for a buddy i have a few ana buddies... Mates who are ana and i speak to about how much we have eaten but we mainly just help each other to eat less and exercise more... Not really healthy...

    Is it bad that i dont want to be healthy... I dont want to be dis the 'right' way... I justwant to be skinny without ending up hospitalised... I know its possible, loads of people are skinnier and more unhealthy than i am so surelyvi can figure a way where i dont have to be in hospital yet can continue loseing weight....

    Oh just another random question... Ive been getting heart pulpitations... I used to get them everynow and then but that last week theyve been particularly bad again.. Im takeing it thats food related as well.. I dunni, they are real painful andcif theyre notbfood related will probs go see a doc if it continues... Not sure....
  10. Samara

    Samara Account Closed

    It sounds like the heart issues are related to your lack of nutrition, as stated here: "The body reacts to stress by secreting the stress hormones adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol. Adrenaline binds to receptors on the heart, and in high amounts, it can cause heart palpitations"; the 'stress' in this case is an intense change of diet that your body is struggling to adjust to.

  11. Jack Rabbit

    Jack Rabbit Well-Known Member

    I think you need to talk to a doctor about the possibility that you have an eating disorder. Less than 500 calories is not enough to maintain health - either physical or mental. And you are having symptoms.
    You claim to be vastly overweight... but one of the common symptoms (causes?) of eating disorders is a distorted body image. I don't think you can trust your judgment on this. Please talk to a doctor.
  12. lav11

    lav11 Well-Known Member

    But i dont want to see a doctor theyll just make me speak to someone or lock me up in a hospital again...
    And besides.. I dont want to recover, i dont want to feel bloated all the time...
    Surely theres some pills i can take to manage the symptoms without talking to a doctor....
    I dunno... Id just feel stupid speaking to a doctor about it all
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