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I feel like I'm not worthy at all

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I should be happy. I'm not. I'm married. To a man. I have two kids. Yet I'm depressed as hell. I want to be with someone else. But she hates me. I want to go to her and ask her if she'd ever be with me again. And if she says no. I'm afraid of what I would do.


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You are the only one who can decide what you should do. Ask yourself a question, is knowing what her answer will be worse or better then not knowing? That's the only tid bit I can offer. I hope you find answers.
I'm in gut wrenching agony not knowing. I tried to cut her out of my life but it would never go away. I cant make 8 years of intense love go away. Im so confused. I have made some wrong choices in the past. I was hoping that would help me learn. They haven't.
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