i feel like im trapped inside the wrong body.

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    Hey guys, so im really struggling with something lately, tonight especially for some reason. Thought I would share here… I have identified as lesbian for years even though I am 16. I recently came out to my parents (not on purpose, but this is a story for another time), they more or less accepted it, let’s just say I don’t believe really that they believe me, for no reason other than I “can’t possibly know “ at my age. I have never been a girly girl, heck, I defy the very idea of a girl of any sort I guess. This is how it has always been for me. I have never worn a dress, I shop in the mens department, even for shoes. I have my hair chopped off, and when I’m with guys, I AM one of the guys. Recently it came to my conscious attention that I truly identify as male. I hate being called a girl, and it makes me feel amazing when somebody refers to me as he, calls me buddy, or refers to me as him instead. I guess I’m still struggling to find out who I really am, I know that I have to accept myself first, and honestly now I have been contemplating maybe someday becoming a man. I truly feel like I am in the wrong body… when I resume therapy, I will possibly bring this up if I’m not too shy…..but does anybody here have any input on this? Or advice, anything really? >_<
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    Hi Ozzy,

    I understand what you are talking about when someone calls you by the pronouns that you relate to more.

    I am going through a gender identity realization although I have not gone through any transitioning yet. For me I still find it a struggle to understand what body aspects I would like to have changed as for some reason it is not very clear to me. However I know a lot of people who have transitioned quite young (at 16 same as you) and they feel very comfortable with the transition.

    My best place to explore and learn about my identity was through online communities such as www.susans.org. Where I live it is a little difficult to to go to groups or societies who support gender identity exploration. I am not sure where you live so I don't know how much access you have to such services. A while back I lived somewhere where these services where available and it was amazing. For starters I would suggest that you visit these online communities.

    I would test the waters with the therapist when talking about it. If you have a good therapist then they would definitely be supportive. If they are not able to help much they might be able to refer you to people who can help. Therapy can be very helpful.

    Good luck with this transitioning and exploration. It can be very rewarding.