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i feel like im trapped.

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i feel like im trapped here, i need to get out.
ive try to commit suicide more than once, i also self harm alot.
my boyfriend found out and told me how crazy i was, he told me im a physco, and he hated me. its not that im crazy, i have issues i have problems, i just want help but nobody ever seems to care. right now im on the edge, i need to get out. i dont feel like belong here anymore, i feel like its my time to leave.
i have nobody right now, everyone has seemed to walk outta my life.
im only 17, and i have to deal with so much right now, i cant sleep, i constantly feel sick with worry.
nothing seems to be getting better.
the one person i cared for, made me like im worthless like im not ment to be happy he put me down and made me cry all the time.
i dont have any family. i need help but having nobody here to help, makes it seem harder. it makes me feel like im going to explode one day.
its time to get out, and do this for myself. time for peace, no more pain :(!


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Hey zowe - we have a few users from Wales here also so stick around.

Sorry you feel trapped - a lot of us do sometimes and it might be you need a few changes in your life or something. However first things first.

Sorry about you boyfriend - well he was a boy but not a friend as anyone who abuses someone with depression is a mean person - immature also so its no loss really. I know its hard if all you have is a lover and nobody else but hopefully you will meet new people in fact aged 17 - its going to happen.

Have you actually been to the doctors?

Its worth going and if your suffering from depression and not working maybe you need help there also.

Suicide is not the answer. That move is one which is based on how you feel now - but this is not how you will always feel.

I've felt like exploding myself many times - but so far - I've actually not blown up in the post office or down the shops.

Depression seems like a mountain to climb - but in reality its just lots of little things we let pile up.

You got to take things one step at a time and perhaps booking an appointment at your GPs is a good idea.

Please don't give up without getting help.

you owe yourself that much.

and others also.

hope you stick around and find some answers here.

My best wishes to you - and hope you feel a bit better.

We all have depression - most of us - and many do quite ok indeed!

So stick around and learn.

Thanks for reading.
Please don't make a hasty decision.

Your boyfriend probably said that because he freaked out as he never expected you to self harm. Suicidal tendencies is on thing, and are more easily accepted by others than self harm. You should go to him and promise you'll stop self harming if he promises to keep loving you. And actually keep yourself to that promise. It might be hard to do, you might self harm again, but don't be too hard on yourself. Self harming is an addiction in a way. And addictions CAN be overcome eventually, but you'll have to start somewhere, and you'll need support. This is why you NEED your boyfriend to understand what's been going on to cause you to have started self harming. If you explain why you've been doing it, it'd probably help him understand, because right now I think he only knows what you've been doing and not why you've been doing it.


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Welcome, Zowe! :welcome:

Also, I'd like to give a gigantic thumbs-up to peacelovingguy's post above. :thumbup:

Stay safe... Mr. A
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