I feel like my ex ruined my future with relationships.

Discussion in 'Family, Friends and Relationships' started by houseofcards, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. houseofcards

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    We broke up 8 months ago, and I haven't seen him physically for a year.
    I feel like I'll never get over him. NEVER. I've been trying to find a new guy and they keep lasting for short, short periods of time because I always end up talking about BRYAN and how good of a boyfriend he was and not them. I understand why that would piss people off. He wants to stay in my life and help me out, but I keep trying to push him away and do my own separate thing since he has a girlfriend now. UGH. I'm never going to find someone, guy, girl, whoever, that loves me. I feel like a lost cause. I don't know why stupid shit like this makes me feel suicidal - I really don't. I wish I was okay with being single and alone.
  2. Lana

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    Hey hun. Maybe right now you aren't emotionally ready for a relationship? Maybe you still need sometime to deal with your feelings for Bryan before starting a serious relationship with someone else. I think pushing him away is a good thing. For me, I find it harder to get over someone when I'm still talking to them. It may take time, but I do believe you'll find someone.
  3. houseofcards

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    I honestly wish it was so easy to push one away, though. I know our relationship is over and I have no chance of getting him back, so why is it that I dwell on things so much when it's related to that? I have better things to do than think about him and associate with him yet my heart keeps saying otherwise. I wish it was so much easier said than done, but maybe I do need to wait a while before trying to find somebody to fill the void.
  4. Butterfly

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    You are not a lost cause hun. Our first love is difficult to get over so I am told, you never really stop loving them and you will never forget them. But you are young hun and with time and maturity you will find someone else. They come when you least expect it. It might be a better way if you start dating someone to say you're not up for anything serious, a few dates and see how it goes. That way you are less likely to get hurt.
  5. Terry

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    You need time to just hang out with friends and enjoy a single life.
    Break ties with the ex, and dont even think about a relationship for at least 6 months.
    You need to mourn and be ready to move on, before even considering another relationship.