I feel like shit!!!!

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    My hands are tremoring like fuck, my meds make me hungry so I've put on weight this week. Genuinely trying to be good (with the exception of Bourbon biscuits over the weekend) so I'm not that bothered about that. But I've had a long day and come home at 9pm and no tea on the table. Just my significant other on the sofa moaning how hard his life is. I just feel flabbergasted I owe so much money to various people, I work so hard and I'm recovering from a bad breakdown a few weeks ago.

    I just want to cry. I feel like my life's all for nothing. Fuming.
  2. SillyOldBear

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    Lexi, your life is NOT for nothing. Think of all the people you help at work. All you have helped on SF. Give your fiance a swift kick in the rear. Make him understand you are hurting. Wanting some tea when you get home is not too much to ask for. What does he do all day? And as to crying...there is absolutely nothing wrong with a good cry...so go for. Just remember that you are one very special lady. Us SFers believe that. Please work on believing it yourself.
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    Thanks for your reply @SillyOldBear

    I was just having a moment last night. I need to get the balls and tell my fiancé he is taking the piss at times, but I'm so passive so it's very difficult for me to do. I am better than I was, but I always bottle everything up inside until I explode. I was tired and hungry when I came home last night which was not a good combination so I probably just overreacted slightly, but I was very annoyed that he hadn't sorted out food.

    This is so trivial and I feel stupid.
  4. SillyOldBear

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    Oh, lordy. We all get mad at trivial things. My anxiety will soar through the roof over things that really don't matter at all. It's a talent! Too bad it won't sell on a resume. So don't beat yourself up. Besides, it does sound like a conversation with your fiance is in order. Does he work too? Or does he sit around most of the day? Regardless, it sounds like he does need to consider your feelings more.