I feel like such a freeloader

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    I feel like writing this is gonna be in vain but I held a lot of stuff in last night and couldn't sleep. So in another thread i had said that i could no longer work the last week of my temp job because my overbearing jackass cousin wouldn't take me because she's a spiteful know it all dumbass. well that was the final straw with this family because i have had it with their bullshit expectations. i live with my aunt and i can't even walk in the house at night without getting nagged at. i don't make a lot of noise or have anything loud on. i'm not breaking any rules but i am through trying to be "respectful" to a bunch of hypocrites who don't practice what they preach.

    yet despite their bullshit, i still feel like a freeloader....hell i feel guilty just getting some water from the damn faucet. it's not like i don't have any goals or ambition. and while i have could have made better choices at times in the last couple of years, some circumstances are out of my control (like my dumbass family)

    i don't want to live anymore and im not saying that for attention. i don't like this pain or hurt and i damn sure don't like being hurt by my own family.
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    hope you feel better.