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i feel like such an asshole

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i would feel like this situation was humorous if i didnt hear the girl gasp in fear. i dont think i'll get in trouble for it, but im not certain. i definitely hope not. what i did was this: i got onto an elevator at my dorm, two other people got on too. a guy, and a girl. beforehand, i decided that i would pull a funny prank. when i make plans like that, i dont really think everything out. i only think of how funny it would be, and how to do it. well, when i stepped off the elevator, i went right, just far enough to be out of sight. i lit the firecracker, and tossed it in before the door closed. before it hit the ground, i heard the girl gasp. all of a sudden, i realized that the idea was stupid, then i panicked, and ran to my room, quickly undressed then tried to go to sleep. then, there's a knock on the door.... it was the guy who was on the elevator. apparently he knew my roommate pretty well (he and my roommate are in the same frat). so, he said "dont you ever do some fucked up shit like that again" and some more stuff. he sounded pissed (understandable), and i appologized until he left. i feel like if those people knew me wwell, they might have thought it was funny, maybe not. but they didnt really know me at all. right now, i just feel like an asshole for the whole situation. ugh.


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Ok, first the telling off...you never ever ever throw fireworks at anyone, chemical burns are no joke !!!

Ok now thats out the way. It was a prank, not a well thought out one, but a prank none the less. You've apologised and realised your mistake.
We've all done stupid things in our lives (oh have I ever), best thing now is to put it behind you.

Happily no damage was done, apology is in place..now just forget it. You didn't hurt anyone. Leave it where it belongs in the past.


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That telling off above is totally justified because it was an absolutely stupid thing to do. I've seen the damage that burns do and it's one of the most horrible things I've ever seen. And throwing something like that into a confined space such as a lift is just asking for trouble.

But I'm glad you realised what a silly thing it was to do. You've apologised now so that should be the end of it. Perhaps yopu could apologise to the girl in question? Perhaps she's had a bad experience before with fire ect? Don;t beat yourself up about it.....you've said you're sorry so there you go.


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well i still dont think anyone could have gotten hurt from it (maybe hurt their ears). but it wasn't like, an m80 or anything. i could have the thing in my hand and let itgo off. it wouldnt even hurt. i feel bad because it was mean. but why wouldnt i care if i was the guy on the elevator? i wouldve laughed. oh well, like you said, i should put it behind me. thanks
I hate to sound evil but that is pretty damm funny!
I think the fact the girl gasped is even more funny!

One thing though.. just dont do dangerous pranks..
good thing no one got hurt. .. lol

Use water ballons next time! they're funny and no one can get burned!!
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