i feel like suicide is justified

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by heavenlyjunkie, May 6, 2007.

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    Pardon the rhyme, it was unintentional.

    I often have internal conflicts about the end. Like, i'll start with regular suicidal thoughts such as, "I have no future." "no one cares anyway." "there's no point in living a life of constant suffering." But then i'll think nothing is worth killing yourself over. Name one starving child in africa who doesn't have it worse than you. and good luck with that. then again, some people just shouldn't have to suffer anymore. some people are born into the grave, as they say. Some people just don't want to live, whether it's depression or whatever. Isn't that a choice we have? Maybe it's selfish to kill yourself because of all the people who would be affected. or maybe it's selfish to ask someone to live their life of endless misery just to keep you happy. i've learned that for most people, it's enough that you're alive. it doesn't matter if you're happy, just don't kill yourself and they're fine. fuck that. i think that suicide is a legitimate option. whether it's a "fuck you" to the people who never cared or just because you're not all that curious about what life has in store for you. In the end, our lives aren't that important anyway. We die, our memories die, and the memories of us die. It doesn't matter if we all die. Most of us don't make a difference anyway.

    PS this guy makes me very uncomfortable ::welcome: he is toooo happy about welcoming people.
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    yes yes u are rıght i agree wıth u....İ sometımes thınk that ı have no future..that it wopuldnt make any dıfference ıf ı lıved or died....i also sometımes thınk ohhh there are people who are in a worse situatıon then me!!!....additionally my famıly wants me too live becouse they love me...yeah i understand but do they really enjoy seeing me sufferıng(sometımes)?....Wouldnt it be greater if i had died and wont make other lives miserable and especially my own life!!!!!....
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