I feel meaningless

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  1. Naskin

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    I'm glad I found this site, I have no one I can talk to you confidently.
    I'm 19, I have no job, I'm not in school, I have no friends, I spend all if my time at home being alone, so I feel comfortable being by myself, going out feels so uncomfortable, I wish it was just me in the world. My family has little money, so doing and going to things is difficult.

    My life for the past 2 years has been the same day after day. I live like a hermit, I have no deserve to do anything anymore, I'm not as cheerful as i was, honestly I'm a different person.

    I was going to school, just for one class but I just recently dropped it after 2 classes, I hate people now, I'm a hermit.

    Looking at my old friends and seeing how they progressed with there life and how they are growing up makes me feel like ending mines. I still feel like a child compared to them, I have nothing to look forward to, except feeding my dog or something, I had big dreams but they are gone, now I wait here until I crack and can leave this world.
    I can't do anything and I can't be anything, I know I'm young to think like this but it's how I feel
  2. Terry

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    Get help with this now!
    My son did a slow slide into hermit life and lost over ten years of his life, he's slowly clawing back some semblance of normality but its an uphill struggle.
    See your doc tell them u need help.
    If you could stand it, get a part time job to ease you back into life.
    It may seem easier now to hide away but my son is now 28, never had a job and feels he's ruined any chance of a normal life.
  3. morning rush

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    I'm kind of like you, a hermit...I like being in my own little world, but I learned that its not good and so I try to go out every day even if it's just walk to the corner of my street and come back...I have social phobias so its hard for me to be around people but being alone isn't good at all...

    start small...go to a park with a book, or a pen and paper or music or anything....on my street there are benches so often I go sit there for maybe 5 to 10 mins just looking at the cars, the people, nature...if you have a balcony, go on your balcony for a while...

    also what terry said is right, maybe you should seek out help...I have, I have a psychiatrist but right now I'm going to get more help with this program that have people that come visit you once a week or you go to a coffee place to chat about anything once a week...
  4. Ouroboros

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    i just wanted to say you're not alone with these thoughts. but Terry's right you should try to seek help now, the sooner the better. It's really scary the point you're at now, the world is scary, but you can pull through it, but yeah you sound like you're gonna need help to do that, which is fine, everyone needs help sometime. The more you hide away the harder it gets to do anything. small goals of going out, maybe just down the road or something to get you out of the hermit situation, then perhaps you could move onto getting a part time job or volunteer somewhere. this is what helped me to break out of the situation I was in, I also did therapy and meds so I had help, which you should definately try to seek. When you're at that point it can really feel like you will never get out of it, never be anything, but that's not true, with help you can break this, you can make something of yourself and enjoy the world again.

    I would also suggest, list what your plans used to be, is there anything you would like to still do in that list, perhaps you could make it one of your longterm goals.

    There is hope hun :hug:
  5. total eclipse

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    HUn there IS help okay call your doctor get on meds for you sadness your anxiety okay Do volunteer work less stress that way but gets you out among people. My girl volunteers at humane society she loves it. Please you are very young time to make a change is NOW okay hugs to you
  6. mulberrypie

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    i understand
  7. japanlover

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    Let me start by saying this sounds like me from 16 yrs of age to now, age 30. Then let me further give you advise. I wish I could go back and tell myself back then, get a move on, your friends aren't there to help you, only you can help yourself. Looking at your friend's success will only make you depressed and feelings of uselessness because of their achievements. But their achievements are not the same as yours. Nor are theirs any less important. Why do you feel your dreams are gone? Are you 100,000 dollars in debt? did you drop from a CEO of a company to a fry cook? If you feel you cant concentrate, maybe you have add or adhd, and there are CHEAP pills for this. I'd say working and going to school will be your friend if your interested in learning new things. If you don't care about a job, go to the university library, its free and has lots of interesting topics. Apply for labor related jobs. Those are the best for getting out frustrations and stress, but hope your boss isn't an ass.

    The best thing to do is start off with what you are interested in. What are you interested in?
  8. Avarice

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    All of the above that you wrote is true of me, too, only I'm 20 rather than 19.
    I was at university but left because it felt too overwhelming for me and since then I've spent the past two years doing nothing much.. trying to get better but not really feeling the motivation inside of me to succeed at it.

    I don't really have any advice to offer, other than that there are people out there in the same position as you. If you ever need to rant or just want to talk, please PM me. It seems we have some things in common.