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i feel nothing all the time

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by happypeople, Mar 26, 2007.

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  1. happypeople

    happypeople Active Member

    whether i sit at home or do something it all feels fuckin pointless and boring and i just dont care for it, i feel this emptiness also like i wanna do soemthign really cool in my life but i dont know what. im getin too old for this shit :wink:
  2. flclempire

    flclempire Well-Known Member

    i feel the same way but im 19
  3. Old_Man_Kensey

    Old_Man_Kensey Well-Known Member

    i m feeling the same way..My life s just fine but i can t help thinking everything s boring and pointless..I don t wanna kill myself but i can t go on like this.I would like to devote myself to sth important like writing, or my studies, or volunteer work but i m too bored to do it...I got no motivation for anything
  4. Scum

    Scum Well-Known Member

    Can you think of anything that might give your life a point? That might make you feel like there is a point?

    Maybe you also need to figure out what you want to do that is 'cool', and how you can achieve it.

    Do you think you feel nothing because you have repressed your emotions? or because you actually feel so bored?

    If it is because you repressed it, maybe you could think about trying to unlock your emotions, with a therapist.

    If you genuinely are bored, maybe try to put some excitement into your life. I could suggest something, but it would probably be pointless because I don't know you, and don't know what would excite you.

    Maybe you are stuck in some sort of rut, which is why it feels pointless, in which case, if you can figure out what your rut is, then you will be able to do something to get yourself out of it.

    Feeling like everything is pointless is not a good feeling, I hope that you can do something to give yourself a point.

    Take care of yourself
  5. Erebos

    Erebos Well-Known Member

    Feeling nothing is better than feeling pain.
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