I feel numb, lonely, and i have doom thought in my mind

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  1. Noctis

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    :lost:Ive been is a very low emotional statement, where every time i get more numb, i cant get any depressed, i use to be very normal, im 17, low self esteem, i am really bad at speaking, when i get nervious i my words arent right, i live with my granmother and granfather, i really hate it here, i cant move with my mom and dad, they cant take care of me, although im almost 18 its to late, i have think about suicide many times, not even caring who will suffer if i die, i left my friends, betray them, i hear doom metal, it make me feel less miserable, i love anime a lot, i wish i live in a anime world, i never stab my self i dont like it, in not a smart talking guy, i used to picture myself deatrying this world, and everyone, good or bad, im verry sorry for you to be hearing this, im very shy, slow tipe of guy.i dont like how society is evolving, i never accept it.
    i dont know what to do, everything is turning black, but why?
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    I can definitely relate to feeling numb and lonely quite a bit. I'm rather shy myself, and I wouldn't really consider myself slow, but honestly, who thought it'd be a good idea to measure intelligence, anyways? There's too much that goes into it to accurately do so, in my opinion. I like to think that everything balances out, and that for every weakness you have, you have some sort of strength, whether you've discovered it or not.
    I can't really say much for your situation other than to hang in there, and that I'm here if you want to talk to me some more.